01 August 2014

[Drum Roll] (please)

Hello and welcome to the appended TLRH experience: The Literate Rabbit Hole: Infinite Jest. Published in 1996 by Little, Brown and Company and printed in the United States of America (go USA), David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest garnered a large audience and enraptured and enraged (to paraphrase) a whole lot of people; it enthralled me. And but while I've read only a paltry 100-or-so pages, I'm diving in, monthly, to complete vast sections for the sake of experience, mental comprehension, and of course the TLRH Experience (here capitalized because it's shifted from a Common Noun to a Proper Noun). I've posted about this site's debut on the Mother Source, as I'm calling it, and I'm thinking it's going to be absolutely great. Hopefully I can spread the "word" and maybe fellowship on the book's greatness with others and reciprocate and grow mentally, intellect-wise, and such. I think this'll be great. Await with pretense the forthcoming Section I: Hal's Interview. All section-related text will appear in your standard black while all non-section- or meta-section-related text will be in a darkish purple. More colors or meta-meta designators, etc., will be posted on and then noted in the Notes. Thanks and please comment!


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